Messages from Bishops

May 9, 2016

An expression of faith

May the ALMIGHTY ETERNAL GOD, on this day, meet the need of each one of you! However, we must understand that He works His favours in us according to our expression of faith. When there is faith, this is, when we take action, no matter how small it is compared to Him, whether it’s in our thoughts or a simple prayer, we immediately place ourselves before Him. And when we pronounce His Holy Name Jesus, then there is no going […]
May 9, 2016

The Question!

Does what you are doing today eliminate the possibility of you losing your salvation? The desire to go to Heaven, have a better life, overcome problems and achieve their dreams has motivated people from all walks of life throughout the world to go to church. Some will drive from far distant places or subject themselves to a long wait for public transportation in order to accomplish what they deem so important— the salvation of their souls. There are those who […]
May 9, 2016

Never Give Up

Success does not come cheaply. There is a misconception between having talents versus having skills. It is not uncommon to find very talented people who are unable to succeed, just because they don’t apply themselves to overcome their limitations. Yet we see a lot of untalented people working hard to upgrade and sharpen their skills. To improve your skills takes a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. While some are sleeping, they are studying. While others are having fun, they […]
May 3, 2016

He who sings drives away sorrow. Is this true?

For some time now, we’ve heard scientists say that music has a great power. Based on this information, mothers nestle their babies, still in the womb, to the sound of classical music; gyms encourage members to workout to the rhythm of the music; bars and nightclubs learned that the more music, the more people will stay and drink; artists learned that the more they appeal to the emotions of their fans, the more success they will achieve; and there are […]
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