The Temple of Solomon (with photo gallery)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God builds a replica of the original Temple of Solomon


The Bible explains that King David, during his reign, decided to build a temple for God, because he would not accept the fact that the Ark of God was kept in a tent while he lived in a palace surrounded by wealth and comfort.

However, the Lord, through Nathan the prophet, warned the king that the construction should not be carried out by him, but by his successor, King Solomon. David, before leaving the throne to his son, gathered the reserves of the kingdom – 100,000 talents of gold and 1 million talents of silver. Added to that the king took 3,000 talents of gold and 7,000 talents of silver from his personal treasure and offered it for the construction of the house of the Lord. A talent of gold is equivalent to 36 kg of gold and a talent of silver is equivalent to 36 kg of silver. Therefore, King David gave a total of 360,000 kg of gold and silver, which today would translate into more than R10- million.

After seven years of work, the temple was erected by King Solomon, and used for many years as a place of worship and delivery of sacrifices to the Lord. Even so, glorious and imposing, in the year 587 before Christ, the Babylonians took Jerusalem and reduced the great temple to ashes. Decades later a second building was erected in the same place as the first temple, and that too was destroyed. Today, the only part of the original construction which remains is the Wailing Wall, considered by thousands of Christians and Jews throughout the world as sacred.

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is building a replica of the Temple of Solomon in the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil. It will be made of stones cut exactly like those of the original temple.


It will be a sizeable church, a building of 18 floors, almost twice the height of the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro which stands at 38 metres. The work will be a major milestone in the history of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God.

The complex will have 36 biblical schools with the capacity to accommodate approximately 1,300 children, TV and radio studios, an auditorium/arena/ assembly room for 500 people, and a parking lot for more than 1,000 cars. It has been designed to cause the least possible impact on the environment. The temple will be built with recycled materials which will allow for the reuse of water and heat to save energy. An external area of 250 square metres will be used for exhibitions and events. This will not only reflect the history of the Church, but also show a little of the engineering of the structure.

Inside, the Church will have an ark representing the Ark of the Alliance on the altar to provide a three dimensional display. When open, the ark’s interior will be visible and will reflect the baptismal pool, creating the impression that, during a baptism, a person is baptised within the ark. At the front of the altar will be 12 stones representing the 12 tribes of Israel, and on the altar will be two columns called Joaquim and Boaz, both names mentioned in the Bible.

The Church will be in Bras, Sao Paulo, and will be able to seat more than 10 000 people.