GOD’S NAME – part 1

God did not reveal His Name when He called Abraham.

All He did was tell Abraham to leave his country, his family and his father’s house and go to a land that He would show him. Abraham’s unconditional obedience began a partnership, a partnership that later became a reference for the Only True God—the God of Abraham. Yet Moses’ calling did not have the same characteristics. He resisted God’s calling—and one of his excuses was to know God’s Name. But the Lord identified Himself saying, “I AM WHO I AM”.

In other words, He would not say His Name. He describes Himself as self-existent, eternal. “I AM WHO I AM” in the original manuscript is called the tetragrammaton, a word formed by four consonants: JHVH (a variant of YHWH, in the Hebrew language). Because it was impossible to pronounce such a name, five or six centuries after Christ, a Catholic monk inserted the vowels e, o, a between the consonants JHVH to form the name Jehovah, and other Catholic scholars created Jahveh. Such changes took away the original meaning of God’s Name and created one more god, which from my faith’s point of view is a major heresy. I refuse to accept them.

The truth is that, up until the birth of Jesus, no patriarch, prophet or spiritual leader—regardless of how holy or close to God he was—received the revelation of God’s Name. Not even Noah, Job or Daniel! (Ezekiel 14:14,20)

God bless you

Bishop Edir Macedo