I had lost hope in life

I had lost hope in life

Yonda believed nothing could make her life meaningful again after she lost her job, fell pregnant and had to move back to her parents place, while her furniture was stored in a friend’s back room.

“I had rented a flat that I furnished fully when the company decided not to renew my contract. Moving back to my parents’ house while a friend stored my furniture was humiliating for me. The worst was finding out that I was two months pregnant! I had already broken up with my partner at that time and had no idea where he was. I depended on relatives for financial support,” said Yonda.

After a few months Yonda decided to visit her family friend and check if her furniture was still in a good condition.
“To my surprise, I found my friend selling the last of it. When I confronted him about it, he threatened to kill me and my unborn baby. I took so much emotional strain from all the misfortunes I suffered,” she said.

As a last resort, Yonda turned to the Universal Church for help. “I was so overwhelmed by my problems I was almost losing my mind. As a result, a pastor who assisted me the first day I came to the church thought I was high on drugs because he could not make sense of what I said. My parents were totally against the idea of me going to the Universal Church because we had a church we attended as a family. My father threatened to disown me and stop assisting me financially while my mother always reminded me how much more I stood to lose in life,” said Yonda.

She persevered in her faith and took part in different movements of faith in the church. “It was difficult for me to forgive the family friend who took advantage of my situation and sold all my furniture. I was also angry with my parents who did not give me the support I needed in my search for help. One of the assistants gave me spiritual books from the church to read and that helped me to put everything behind me.

I learned the importance of forgiveness and decided to forgive my friend and my parents. That brought a sense of relief because the burden of keeping grudges and ill-feeling had been heavy on me. My faith was strengthened and I believed without a doubt that the resurrection power of God was available to give life to every ‘dead’ situation in my life,” she said.
Her mother noticed how happy and at peace Yonda was and started attending services at the Universal Church with her.

“While I was surprised by my mother’s sudden change of mind, I found a job. God gave life to everything that was dead in my life. My dreams of providing the best life for my daughter and regain everything I had lost came back to life. My daughter is two years old and I am now on speaking terms with her father even though we are not together. Because Jesus rose from death, I also have a reason to live life to the fullest,” she said.

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