I regret how I wasted my life

I regret how I wasted my life

Drinking too much made Alex neglect his family and cheat on his wife.

He owned a cellphone repair shop but did not support his wife and two children financially. He spent his weekends with his girlfriend, leaving his family without food in the house. “I made enough profit from my business, but I did not give my wife money for our household needs. I did not spend time with them as I was always away from home. When my wife complained, I argued with her because I did not want her to question me about what I was doing behind her back,” said Alex.

His drinking problem worsened so much that it affected his business. “When I did not have money, I sold my customer’s cellphones after repairing them and bought alcohol. When the customers came to collect their phones, I lied saying that I was still fixing them,” he said.

This behaviour landed him in jail when one of his customers became suspicious and pressed charges against him. “I kept on lying to my customer until she got frustrated and reported me to the police. I was arrested for theft and spent two weeks in prison. I was ashamed of myself and did not tell my wife the truth about my arrest. I told her I was accused of stealing someone’s cell phone,” said Alex.

That was when his wife decided to leave Alex after five years of marriage. “I realised that I had wasted my time on things that did not matter and neglected my family. I was full of regrets about how I wasted my life. For two years my wife did not want me to see my children. I did not have peace of mind and knew I had to fix my life,” he said.

In 2013 Alex walked past the Universal Church in Pretoria and heard people praying. He went inside for the service because he wanted to change. He took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for his deliverance. “It was difficult to stop drinking because I was already addicted. I sometimes drank alcohol after I attended the service because I felt like I needed to drink to forget my problems,” he said.

His life only changed when he committed himself to God and applied the teachings of faith in his daily life. “For me to fully recover, I first realised that I had a problem and that I needed to change my ways. I ended my relationship with my girlfriend. I also gave up my old friends because of their negative influence on me. After one year in the church I stopped drinking.
I started running my business responsibly and honestly, providing good quality service to my customers. As a result, my business and my finances improved. Giving my life to God and living according to His Word has made me a better and upstanding man, father and businessman,” said Alex.

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