I was bitter and hated my mother

I was bitter and hated my mother

Kelebogile was only able to rebuild her relationship with her mother and regain her trust after she came to the Universal Church in 2009.

For 16 years Kelebogile was angry with her mother whom she believed she did not want her to enjoy life.

She drank alcohol and went out at night with her friends.

“My mother was not happy with my behaviour and I became angry with her when she corrected me. I back-chatted her because I thought she did not want me to enjoy my life. I moved out of the house and went to live with my grandmother when I was in high school. There I had my freedom because my grandmother was very old and hardly noticed when I was not in the house. I also resented my mother. I avoided her calls and I did not talk to her when she visited us. I was so blinded by pride that I never saw anything wrong with my behaviour. Instead I believed my mother was the one who needed to change and loosen up,” said Kelebogile.

She was invited to the Universal Church in 2009 and came because she did not want to disappoint the person who invited her, little knowing that her life was going to change for the better.

“It was after I started attending the services that I was able to see the need for me to change. I realised that my mother had been right all along and I was a problematic child. I took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for my deliverance and asked God to change my life. A year later, I was able to give up alcohol. I stopped going out at night with my friends who had a bad influence on me,” said Kelebogile.

She continued coming to the church every Thursday and asked God to help her mother to be able to trust her again.

“I understood that I was not doing my mother any favours, but respecting my mother was what God wanted from me as her child. I started communicating with my mother and visiting her more often. The more I humbled myself before God and my mother the more God blessed me. I started my own beauty salon in 2016 and my business grew very quickly,” said Kelebogile.

It was through the help of God that Kelebogile was able to rebuild her relationship with her mother and change her life. “I became more humble and obeyed my mother. I now know how to control myself because the spirit of God lives in me. I thank God for his power and this new life of love and peace that He has given me,” said Kelebogile.

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