Interview with Menzi Ngubane (Sibusiso Dlomo in Generations) on the Calabash Experience!

“My being here today and my wife being at church, both of us praying, reassures me that God will surely do something great in my life in 2011.”

UCKG event/God

Menzi Ngubane Sbusiso Dlomo GenerationsEvery new year I go home with my family to Ladysmith. This year things worked out differently. My wife told me she was going to church for an all-night event. So when I was invited to the FNB stadium I was convinced that there was something special about 31 December this year. I believe that everything happens for a reason. God will surely answer and fulfill all my needs and wants for 2011. People forget that they don’t live for themselves. We ask from the one who knows.

My being here today and my wife being at church, both of us praying, reassures me that God will surely do something great in my life in 2011.


I believe God will surely bless them (AMAHA). AMAHA doesn’t help just anybody, they help those who are in dire poverty in all the provinces of South Africa.

AMAHA not only encourages awareness of HIV/Aids but they have also gone out of their way to clothe, feed and shelter some of South Africa’s most needy people. There is one such case that has especially touched my heart. In Piet Retief, a boy younger than 18 was working odd jobs to support himself and his three younger siblings aged between four and seven. AMAHA built them a three-bedroom house. The sparkle in those children’s eyes when they saw their home, probably their first ‘real’ home, was enough to get me teary. I could not help but get emotional. It truly was a beautiful sight.

In my house I have all I need and want, but there are thousands out there who haven’t got food, shelter or clothes. Seeing the joy in those children’s eyes made me realise how easily we take our lives for granted. I always tell people to thank God everyday for what they have now.

I am involved in some personal charity work. I have always been, but I have made a point not to make it publicly known. I have been in the industry for a very long time now but my charity work is not really known. I’m not looking for media attention when I do some good out there. I help where I can and I’m quite happy if people don’t see. My reward is seeing that my efforts of giving have put a smile on someone’s face. That for me is the best recognition.


Sbusiso and Menzi are two different people but there is a very thin line differentiating the two. When I walk into the SABC I become Sbusiso. I walk, talk and think like him. The minute I take off his costume and walk out of the SABC I become Menzi. When I’m in public with my family, people see Sbusiso and not Menzi. For this reason I must constantly switch between the two. Fans will be fans so I play along with them but I must always make sure that I differentiate between my life and that of Sbusiso.


To all the men out there, please behave like real men. Rape and abuse of women and children is not on. It should stop. Now. When I was growing up, the role of a man was to protect. These days men don’t protect. What is rape for? Please men, in 2011, change the way that you think. Rape is not on. Period.

By: Wendy Jili