UCKG in the eye of the storm

In a poignant letter bishop Wladimir Nunes, currently responsible for the evangelistic work in Phillipines, tells bishop Edir Macedo about the UCKG’s experience during the typhoon that killed close to 300 people.

Dear Bishop Macedo,

We thank God that all the pastors, the wives and auxiliaries pastors are well. The headquarters of the Church is also the place where I live, as well as the pastors. The place is amongst the highest in Manila, capital of the Philippines, which is why were not affected. Even so, we took several precautions for the welfare of our pastors, for example, the stock of a month worth of canned food and bottled water, and flashlights. We are taking the greatest care possible.

phillip-mainToday, there was yet another typhoon, but its “eye” did not pass through Manila. It’s raining, but not like last weekend. The Rainy Season is almost over, this is what usually happens in late October and early November.

With respect to our church, I was impressed with the courage and loyalty of our people. Sunday morning, 80% of the city of Manila was under water, and many streets were closed by floods. I managed to get to church early to begin organizing food and clothing to those mostly affected by the water.

Bishop, it is amazing how our people came to the church. Many were completely soaked, but came!
We had 800 people in the main meeting on Sunday and nearly 1,000 throughout the day. I cried for the people, as never before. I am sure that God honoured the faith of our people, who nevertheless came to the house of God on Sunday morning, even under the worst typhoon that Philippine has had in 42 years.

My goal is to turn our headquarters into a base that will spread throughout Asia. If we can have 800 people during flood, nothing will be impossible. The church in Asia will grow, I have no doubt.

Bishop Wladimir Nunes

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