Women discover the importance of their role as a nurturer

Women discover the importance of their role as a nurturer

At the ninth Godllywood self-help meeting, women learned the importance of honouring and embracing their role as the nurturer in the family. Through this important function, women provide essential input for their husbands and children which helps to establish happy homes and balanced, well-adjusted members of society.

The theme for this year’s self-help group is developing a Spirit of Excellence, and the aspect of excellence which was revealed at this meeting was for women to use wisdom to build their house.

The group watched a video recorded by Bishop Edir Macedo, founder of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, who urged women to build their lives, their families and their homes using reason and intelligence rather than emotion.

Bishop Macedo referred to the Biblical book of Proverbs chapter 14:1 which records: “Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands”. He noted how unusual it was to think about a woman building a house saying: “this is usually work allocated to men who are stronger physically, yet here we read that the responsibility lies with the woman who is more sensitive and fragile. The responsibility for nurturing a marriage and raising children with affection and gentleness, is vested in the woman. She is responsible for the construction of her life, her home and her family. This is an extremely important role.”

Historically women were caregivers, home makers and responsible for raising children and managing the home, but with the advent of the financial revolution, women entered the workplace where they participated in the same way as men. With women pursuing business careers, the care of children is given to people other than the mother. Although working women are under pressure, they should not abandon their role as mothers, and should devote as much time and attention to their families as possible.

Bishop Macedo said: “The influence of a mother is critical to a child’s development. She is the person who gave birth to the child and nourished the baby. A mother is connected emotionally to the child for the rest of her life. She is the person who understands the child and loves them unconditionally. She gives them affection, attention and security. The burden on a single mother is considerable which is why the ideal family is one with both a mother and a father who provide values, protection, support and nurturing for their children. Unfortunately many children grow up with absent or unknown parents and do not learn from good role models. Both parent and child suffer the consequences.”

He advised women to choose their life partners carefully saying: “To build a house you have to choose a good position for it. You need a solid foundation before you can build the walls. Use this logic and wisdom to seek a worthy husband, a Godly and wise man. If the man is faithful to his God, he will be faithful in his marriage. Besides his commitment to his faith, observe the way the man treats his parents. Is he respectful to them, kind and considerate? A good son will be a good husband. See if he is punctual. A person who is late, disrespects those who are on time. Watch his actions carefully and verify his character through the small signs.”

Speaking of marriage, Bishop Macedo said: “Good marriages are based on mutual trust. Make sure you can trust your partner and that he honours his word. It is extremely important that he accepts the role of being your protector. Husbands take over the role fulfilled by good fathers in a daughter’s life. They protect you, while you take over from their mothers as the nurturer. This is the natural order of things. Men want to be looked after, for their wives to nurture and love them.”

Encouraging women, he said: “Being wise is powerful. Being a nurturer is stronger than being a protector. Women have an important role in the family – to nurture through providing nourishing meals, as well as love, care and attention. Build your home carefully. Times have changed but the word of God stands. Structure your life on the word of God and build on the rock, the Lord Jesus. Apply this wisdom in your life. It works.”

Meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month at 11am at the Universal Church 25 Plein Street, Johannesburg. Everyone is welcome to attend.

For further information, please contact the church’s public relations department on 011 224 3400 or pr@uckg.org.za

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