03 December 2018

The greater good

Who wouldn't be happy to know that a person who lived in poverty overcame because of their faith?

I remember a true story that happened in South Africa in 2002, when a man was invited to attend a special meeting where he learned to conquer by faith.

He and his wife began to attend the meetings of faith, and one day he had an idea. To survive, he worked as a street vendor selling potatoes, so he decided to offer his product to a supermarket chain, and his proposal was accepted.

He went from street vendor to distributor. He prospered, and in a short time, he bought a pickup truck and a nice house to live in with the profits.

Though he obtained financial success, the same success did not occur in his spiritual life, or in his marriage. One day, he discovered his wife had a lover, so he brought her to the pastor of the church for help.

In front of the pastor, the husband promised that if she didn't stop the betrayal, he would kill her. The pastor immediately emphasized the importance of investing in his life with God, to overcome the problem in his marriage and his impulses.

A couple of weeks later, the husband went to do a delivery at the supermarket, and while greeting his friend, he mentioned seeing his wife entering a house: her lover's house. The husband barged in and found his wife in bed with her lover. He killed his wife, her lover, and then killed himself.

Here is a warning to those who only fight for material blessings and do not invest in a full life with God. Those who do this may even come out of poverty and become prosperous, but they won't always enjoy a full life when they don't prioritize the Holy Spirit.

Dear reader, there is nothing wrong with investing in all forms of prosperity, but the wisdom and understanding to establish your earthly achievements and to secure Salvation come only when you obtain the Greater Good: the Holy Spirit!

God bless you abundantly.

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