08 October 2018

The peace of the Father by faith in the Son

It is impossible to have the peace of God the Father without having the rational faith practised in God the Son.

When a person claims to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, yet has internal conflicts, is depressed, has thoughts of suicide, their life is at a standstill, is dissatisfied with life, etc., whether he believes it or not, his faith is just an adornment and he has never known the One he claims to believe in… Unfortunately, most church-going people have professed this false faith. Without fear of making a mistake, I would say they are false Christians or fake believers. Why is this? Because it is written and determined that a faith that justifies (faith that cancels sins) is intelligent, since it obeys the Word of God and not the feelings of the heart.

When there is this kind of obedient faith, it is an intelligent faith. This same faith washes the sinner in the Blood of the Lamb offered by God the Father, and God the Father Himself grants the perfect peace that no world, bad marriage, relatives, life, death, hell, envy, disease, infirmities or witchcraft are able to touch!

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ… Romans 5.1

Of course, the absence of the peace of the Holy Spirit is a sign of the absence of rational, intelligent, and obedient faith. Therefore, the only explanation is that sin has reigned in this person.

If you are living in sin and fit into this context, try doing a fast from sin for one week.

Abandon all your wrong attitudes, lies, deceit, promiscuity, adultery, robbery, addictions, wrong friendships, environments contrary to the Christian faith; that is, abstain from everything that has any appearance of evil for seven days.

You will experience for yourself the peace that comes directly from the Source!

God bless you abundantly!

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