10 July 2019

The voice of God

The account of Abraham in Genesis 22 to 24 is the foundation of genuine faith and the true church of Jesus Christ. And because of that "voice", he left for a place which he did not know anything about.

"Now Abraham was old, well advanced in age; and the Lord had blessed Abraham in all things." Genesis 24:1

Who, at least once, has not wished to be blessed and successful in everything? Who has never thought of eliminating the weak points in all areas of his life? When reading about Abraham, such a desire could even be greater.

Nonetheless, before Abraham could be "blessed in all things" he had to sacrifice a great deal, and sacrifice is what separates those who believe from those who do not believe at all. Moreover, Abraham was starting a new nation, a nation that would be invincible!

"I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed." Genesis 12:2-3

Such a powerful nation could not be started by someone whose faith was inconsistent, especially in times of trouble. He could not be the kind of person in whom trust would be wasted or someone who ran away from challenges.

How great is your dream? How badly do you want to achieve it? How much are you willing to sacrifice to follow God's voice, regardless of the circumstances? So, only those who have heard the voice of God can have the strength and determination to leave their homeland, not knowing where they will go.

Now the question is: How can you know the voice of God will come to you? Simple. If God did not have a plan in your life, you would not be reading this article! His voice will come to you in a thought, in an inspiration, and if it does not come right now, it will come later on. Thus, keep asking Him, "God, what do you want me to do?"  Do not only do this a few times, but until the answer comes, and it will surely come to you.

Prophet Habakkuk said: "I will stand my watch and set myself on the rampart, and watch to see what He will say to me..." Habakkuk 2:1

If you only pray a few times and then give up, how are you going to start a new nation? If you lack trust and perseverance, how can you achieve? Impossible!

Therefore, stand on your watch and seek God with all your heart without wavering in your faith for He who made the promise is faithful!

"Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful." Hebrews 10:23

Now it is in your hands.  Winning or losing is a matter of applying yourself to hearing His voice or just letting it go.

God bless you,

Bishop Marcelo Pires