12 December 2017

Amandla Ngawethu 3.0

The following are some of the Rules and Regulation the visitors should take in consideration when coming to the event at Ellis Park & Johannesburg Stadium.

No Weapons

No bottles, cups, jugs or cans

No recording of sound images or footage other than for private use.

No alcohol or drugs

No racist or xenophobic material e.g. t-shirts or flags

No entering the pitch or area around the pitch

No banners or flags larger than 2m x 1.5m

No promotional or commercial material

No motorcycle helmets

No gas, spray cans, corrosives or anything that could cause fire.

No standing on seats

No excessive noise; megaphone, hooters or gas powered horns or Vuvuzelas

No transmitting or broadcasting of sound, pictures, descriptions or results of the events via the Internet or other forms of media.

No objects which could compromise public safety.

No big objects which cannot be stowed under the seats

Good Friday, 30th March at 10am