24 February 2020

Amandla Ngawethu - The Sound of Freedom

Listen. Listen really carefully.

What can you hear?


That is the sound of freedom.

Nothing standing in your way to success.

Nothing holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Nothing stopping you from living your best life.

Nothing robbing you of your joy.

Nothing negative.

Amandla Ngawethu - The Sound of Freedom.

The annual Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Resurrection Sunday services will be held in Universal Churches nationally.

Come and learn how to transform your life, find peace, joy and freedom. 

These inspirational and uplifting services have blessed thousands whose faith has been reawakened and whose lives have been changed. They found freedom from all that was holding them back from their best life. YOU can too.

Join us at a Universal Church near you.
For more information, call our Helpline at 0861 330 320