03 April 2018

Chain of prayer

Start your chain of prayer

A chain of prayer is not finished until you have what you want.

What is a Chain of Prayer?

It is a series of weekly prayers offered without interruption for the purpose of achieving a blessing through faith.  Whether it is healing, a financial breakthrough or spiritual deliverance, a Chain of Prayer will help you develop your faith and determination to overcome your problem.

Why do I have to attend more than once?

Some people, due to the seriousness of their problems, are so overwhelmed and worried that it is very difficult for them to release their faith the first time they attend a prayer meeting. The Lord Jesus taught us we should pray always and never give up (Luke 18:1).

What should I do before I start?

Before you start a Chain of Prayer, speak to a pastor for advice. He will teach you, step by step, how to use your faith to overcome your problems. Think of a Chain of Prayer as a medical treatment. Just as when you go to the doctor and he monitors your medical improvement, following up on you until you are completely healed, our aim is to make sure that you benefit from the Chain of Prayer by achieving the blessing you are praying for.

Do I have to attend seven times?

What if I miss one day?

The success of a Chain of Prayer depends on perseverance. If you don’t use your determination, it won’t work. When you begin the Chain of Prayer you are engaging in a war against the root of your problem

Does it really work?

A Chain of Prayer is a biblical method of achieving blessings - and it really works! It has worked for thousands of people and will work for you. No matter how big your problem is, use your faith. Give God proof of your commitment by being faithful in the Chain and you will see how much God will do for you.


The evil spirits will try to hinder or stop you from going on with your Chain,


Take it seriously and your victory will be certain.