30 May 2017

Congress of Success

I was an UNEMPLOYED graduate!

Lehlogonolo felt humiliated and worthless when he battled to find a job after he graduated as an electrical engineer.

He stayed home for more than a year before he started washing cars to earn a living.

“I could not stand seeing my friends with whom I graduated making progress in life. I was ashamed to ask for help from my parents after they sent me to school hoping that I was going to provide for them after I graduated,” he said.Witnessing Lehlogonolo’s misery, his friend, a member of the UCKG, invited him to the church. “I came to the church because I had nothing to do at home. The first week was a total bore for me. I was very negative and didn’t understand how going to the church could change my situation. I became tired and stopped attending the services after a month.

Weeks later, I realised I was soul precious to God and I returned to the church. I committed myself to God because I was still unemployed, “said Lehlogonolo. He engaged in the chain of prayers on Mondays for his financial life. However he still went through rejection in his job search. It was after five months in the church that he was asked to an interview and hired on the spot. “That was however not my ideal job because it was far from home and it became difficult for me to attend the church services. After working for some time, the company offered me practical training for the job I wanted. I was disappointed when I was told there was no position available for me after I completed the training, “he said. He spent months without a job and in March attended the Amandla Ngawethu event at Ellis Park Stadium.

“The bishop’s message made me understand that I needed to fight the shark in my life. I became courageous and started to have positive thoughts. A month later, I was called 

back by the same company that rejected me after the training. I was put on probation for six months and through the power of God, I excelled and last year in December I was hired permanently.

That same month I was able to buy a BMW 1 series,” he said. Today Lehlogonolo is enjoying the fruits of his faith.

Are you looking for financial freedom, visit your nearest Universal church every Monday at 5pm.
Are you afraid of answering a private number because you can’t afford to pay your debts? Do you want to come out of that shack and have your own house?

Is your bank card or ID book kept by different loan sharks?

The Congress of Success meetings are aimed to improving your financial life and teach people how to fight for their financial freedom and stability.

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