26 November 2020


Soweto Gazette (reporter Amahle Pillay)
News 24 (reporter Ntwaagae Seleka)
The Citizen

The Board of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God writes in response to statements published in the Soweto Gazette, News 24, and The Citizen on 24 November 2020, under the headline: City Power cuts the lights of housing unit, church, butchery, and shops in Joburg.

The article states: Meanwhile, City Power officials aslo moved in on the Golden Meat Basket butcher, the local Universal Church, and neighbouring stores and disconnected and confiscated illegally connected cables…we have cut off all businesses that are illegally connected to our grid.

The Universal Church confirms that the premises have been rented from the owner and occupied by the Church since 1998. At no time in our 22 years of occupation of the premises in Roodepoort did the Church undertake to connect and/or make repairs to power cables, as this has always been the responsiblity of the owner of the premises and not the Church as a tenant.

Furthermore, the Church pays for electricity consumed at the premises on a monthly basis, and payments are made directly to the City of Joburg. The Church has never and would not connect power to the premises illegally, and does not
understand how City Power can claim that power to our premies is connected illegally when monthly payments are made to the City of Joburg for the electricty consumed.

This is why the actions of City Power were both surprising and shocking to the Church, especially when we, as responsible citizens and tenants, have been making regular payments to the City of Joburg for the power supplied to the premises.

The matter has since been reported to the owner, who has assured us that the matter is being taken up with City Power and all efforts are being made to restore power to the premises.

For further information, please contact the Church’s public relations department at pr@uckg.org.za.


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24 November 2020

Public Relations Department
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God SA