24 June 2019

A life of addiction and failure

Vuyo was on the verge of leaving school after failing two grades when he realised that he needed help for his addiction to alcohol. After he lost his mother at the age of 10, Vuyo was raised by his elder sister who was already working.

"It was four years later when I was introduced to alcohol by friends who told me being drunk was the coolest thing. I became addicted to alcohol after a year and I demanded money from my sister to finance my lifestyle.

I went to parties on Saturdays and only returned home on Monday mornings to prepare for school. That affected my performance and I eventually failed grade nine. I was however promoted to grade 10 where I failed again. Failing two grades one after another discouraged me and made me believe that I was not intelligent enough to continue with school," said Vuyo.

That year Vuyo was invited by his uncle to the Universal Church. "I attended services and took part in the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. I was able to stop drinking after three months in the church and I was encouraged to take my studies seriously. My marks improved. I passed that year and even did well in my matric. Giving my life to God delivered me from chains of addiction and failure," he said.