02 May 2019

Biting the hand that fed him

Russell turned into a wild teenager who disrespected others when he started drinking alcohol and smoking dagga at the age of 16 years. He also stole from his uncle who provided financially for him.

"My mother was unemployed so I used to help as a cashier in my uncle’s bar lounge. I started stealing from the till because the money that he gave me was not enough to finance my wild lifestyle. I did not steal less than R100 at a time because I had to buy dagga and alcohol and entertain my friends. I sometimes stole expensive alcohol, drank it in my bedroom and went to school drunk the following day. It was difficult for me to concentrate so my performance was bad and I had to repeat matric.

The tavern owner where I used to buy alcohol told my uncle that I was buying expensive alcohol and that was when my life turned sour. My uncle was disappointed after he found out that I had been stealing from him. He dismissed me from my duties. After a short while I started stealing from my siblings who lost trust in me.  They started locking their bedrooms and took their bags wherever they went too," said Russell.

After finishing matric Russell joined his friend who worked and lived in Johannesburg. He continued with this behaviour until he attended services at the Universal Church.

"I was unemployed when I started attending the services, I spoke to the pastor at the end of the service and he advised me to take part in chains of prayers on Mondays for my finances and on Fridays from my deliverance from addictions. After a month I was able to quit drinking and smoking and got my first job after six months. I also apologised to my siblings for stealing from them and the bond we had was restored. I dated Soneni and got married in the church after two years. I live a life that pleases God," he said.

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