30 July 2019

10 years of slavery to addiction

"I was 15 years old when I was introduced to watching pornography and I soon became so addicted to it that I woke up at midnight to watch it.  I muted the television set in my room so that no one could hear the sounds.

My behaviour worsened after I moved to an outside room. I bought pornographic DVDs and locked myself inside to feed my addiction. I barely slept at night or did my home work because I was glued to the television. I eventually repeated grade 11 three times before I dropped out of school," said Patrick.

He later found a job and bought himself a smartphone because he wanted to access pornographic material wherever he was.

"My addiction proved to be a challenge as it prevented me from performing my duties at work. I often arrived late because I had not slept the previous night watching pornography. I decided to resign from my job after working for 18 months because I could not find a balance between my duties and my addiction," he said.

In 2011, Patrick was invited to the Universal Church and he attended the services.

"I found it difficult to stop watching pornography until three years after I attended the ASK event. I wrote my prayer request and asked God to deliver me from my addiction. I took a leap of faith and deleted all the pornographic content I had on my phone. I also destroyed all the DVDs I had in my room and the desire to watch pornography slowly faded until I stopped completely.

I lived my life to please God. Early this year, I married Rose after we dated for three years. We now have a successful business selling baby products. I spend my time seeking God’s presence and enjoying quality time with my family," said Patrick.