19 October 2018

I battled with addiction for 22 years

For 22 years James battled with his addiction to alcohol, cigarettes and dagga.

"I started drinking alcohol and smoking when I was in high school. I drank and smoked during the week after school. I spent my weekends away from home, drinking with my friends. I did not do my homework or study because I was always tired from my drinking sprees. I eventually failed matric and rewrote it the following year.  When I found a job, I realised my lifestyle was not good, but I could not stop drinking and smoking on my own," said James.

On New Year's Day in 2009 he walked past the Universal Church and decided to go inside because he wanted to start the year in a different way.

"I prayed for my deliverance at Friday services. I surrendered my life to God and believed in Him for my life to change. After two years in the church, I was able to break free from alcohol, dagga and cigarettes, something I could not do on my own," said James.

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