21 May 2021

Rejected by my own father

Being raised by a single mother without a father or male role model in life made becoming a young man very difficult for Thabiso.

He knew his father, but they did not have a close relationship and that depressed him.

“I saw my father at family gatherings, but he treated me like I was not his son. I was disappointed and heartbroken by his actions and I became depressed.

I then sought comfort with friends, going to parties, drinking alcohol, smoking dagga and I later became addicted. To feed my addiction, I even sold my clothes.

Drinking and smoking was what shifted my focus away from my father. However, when I was sober, I became sad and felt unworthy.  As a result, I wanted to kill myself,” he said.

Thabiso realised that he needed to change his bad behaviour after his friend was stabbed to death at a party.

“I was supposed to attend a party with my friends, but I did not have money to go with them. When they came back, they told me that one of our friends was stabbed and died after a fight. That frightened me and I thought to myself, it could have been me.  After that incident, I saw a need to change my wrong ways,” he said.

He decided to attend services at the Universal Church with his mother in 2014 because he wanted God to change his life.

“I spoke to a pastor about my problems and he prayed for me. I felt like a heavy burden was removed from my shoulders.

I took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol and dagga addiction. I put the word of God into practice and I sought His presence in my life. Through the help of God I was able to beat depression and  stop drinking alcohol and smoking dagga. I surrendered my life to God and He brought me the comfort and peace I needed. I am spiritually mature and have the assurance of my salvation,” said Thabiso.