31 January 2019

A life of crime and sickness

Making friends with mischievous boys who stole cars, used drugs and drank alcohol pushed Frank to jump on the band wagon.

"I also drank and used drugs from the age of 14.  Six years later, I was deeply into crime -- I stripped stolen cars and sold parts to local dealers. We spent the money we made on drugs and alcohol," said Frank.

He later suffered from painful feet. The pains were so severe that he battled to walk properly and could not get to where he and his friends worked. In search of help, Frank started attending services at the Universal Church in 2000.

"I did not miss Friday services when I asked God to deliver me from my addiction and Tuesdays for my healing. I was able to quit drugs and alcohol after 18 months in the church. I stopped going out with my friends because they were a bad influence. I lost trace of the pain in my feet and I was able to walk properly.

I started attending services on Wednesdays for my spiritual development and understood the importance of having a relationship with God. I was later encouraged to start a panel beating company. My business is successful and generates a good profit. Now I live a clean life and earn an honest living I am now free from addiction and enjoying financial freedom," said Frank.

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