12 March 2020

Abandoned And Found Solace In Alcohol

The scars on Patricia’s face are evidence of the fierce and violent encounters she had when she was drunk.

It all started after her mother left her with a well-known and respected family member who then abused Patricia while she was in grade seven. “The man she left me with sometimes made sure I was half naked when he beat me up and then forcefully kissed me at the same time. His abusive actions changed my behaviour and turned me into a violent person.

I started drinking alcohol heavily in high school to numb the anger I had towards my mother who had exposed me to abuse. I bunked classes at school, fought with teachers, arrived late and left during lunch break to go and drink alcohol. I eventually dropped out of school when I was in matric because my mind was always on alcohol.

I also took out my anger on people and I fought with everyone when I was drunk. My violent actions left me with visible scars on my face,” she said. A neighbour that she used to fight with invited Patricia to attend services at the
Universal Church last year.

“The day I attended my first service I developed a desire to know more about God and I committed to the Addiction Cleansing Therapy.

From that day, I stopped drinking alcohol. As time went by, I was able to forgive my mother for deserting me and the person she left me with who abused me because I wanted a new start in life. I no longer drink alcohol or fight with people and I went back to school to complete matric.

I now have a job and I lead a responsible life because my steps are directed by God,” she said.