03 October 2018

Addiction affected my marriage

For four years Alfred battled with an addiction that badly affected his marriage and crippled his finances. He was already married and had five children when he started drinking alcohol with his friends.

"My drinking soon became an addiction that robbed me of peace in my marriage. I sometimes slept over at a tavern because I was too drunk to walk back home. My wife always complained about my habit of staying out all night and she sometimes suspected that I was sleeping around with other women. I used my salary to feed my addiction while my children did not have school necessities and food," he said.

His wife, a member of the Universal Church, continued praying for Alfred to stop drinking and invited him to attend the services.

"One day, I decided to go to the service at the Universal Church that was opposite my favourite drinking spot. That was the last day I drank alcohol.  The cravings were still there, but my determination to stop drinking kept me going. I continued attending the services and gave my life to God. There was peace at home because we no longer fought over financial issues. My children finished school and found jobs. I am now happily married and financially blessed. God delivered me from my four-year long addiction," he said.

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