25 July 2018

Addiction and financial woes

Johannes's excessive drinking almost broke up his marriage of over than ten years and left him in financial difficulties even though he owned a successful business. His construction business made good profit, but his family lived in lack because all the profit he made went into feeding his addiction.

"I hardly bought enough groceries that lasted for a month. My children did not have good clothes. There was no peace at home because my wife always complained about the money I wasted on alcohol while they needed food in the house. There were days I would be very hungry and be ashamed to ask my wife for food because I knew I didn't buy any groceries. I sometimes ran at a loss in my business as I would get drunk on duty and not record the money I made," he said.

Johannes always regretted his irresponsible actions when he was sober and realised his marriage was on the verge of destruction.

"My wife threatened to leave me because she could no longer handle my drinking. I did not want to lose my wife and come out of the financial problems, but I did not know how," said Johannes.

Johannes was sitting outside his favourite tavern that was opposite the Universal Church when he was invited to attend the service.

"I always thought I was not good enough to go to church, but the person who invited me assured me that God loved me the same way he loves those people in the church. I didn’t hesitate because I needed help in my family and my finances. The preaching on that day was so powerful that I felt like my eyes were open to a new world. I realised how I had been unfair to my family by not providing for them. I attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy services and asked God to deliver me from addiction. After six months in the church I was able to quit alcohol, something I battled to do for many years. God gave me wisdom to run my business. I put my family first, provided all the financial needs and put some money into savings. There is peace and love at home and my wife has nothing to complain about. The business is doing well and I am now free from addiction and fear of losing my family," he said.

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