26 September 2018

Addiction made me heartless

From the age of 11, Siyabonga smoked dagga and cocaine, drank alcohol and stole from his family. However, narrowly missing being stabbed while he was drunk challenged him to change his lifestyle.

"I always went out to drink and take drugs at night. I mugged people on the streets and sometimes stole money from my mother in order to get money to feed my addiction. My alcohol and drug addiction turned me into a cruel animal as I always fought with my sister and mother. I could not concentrate on my studies. I eventually failed grade 10 and dropped out that same year," he said.

His mother, a member of the Universal Church, pleaded with Siyabonga to attend services with her.

" I was introduced to the Addiction Cleansing Therapy, however I still battled to stop smoking, using drugs and drinking. I attended church services and continued with my life of drugs, alcohol and dagga," he said.

It was only last year when he was nearly stabbed that Siyabonga decided to change.

"My friend and I were drunk and walking to a party. We met two guys and I started a fight with them. One of them took out a knife to stab me but I managed to crouch and he stabbed my friend in his chest.  My friend was taken to hospital where he was stitched and sent back home. That made me realise how I had gambled with my life because I was either going to end in jail or dead.

Last year during the festive season I decided to stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs for good. I received salvation and vowed to please God with my life. I now sell bread and airtime vouchers to earn a living. I’m working hard to regain my mother's trust after stealing from her. I no longer fight with my sister. I no longer hang around my old friends. My change of character is a true testimony of God’s power over my life,"  said Siyabonga. 

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