17 July 2018

Alcohol my life for 18 years

Khayelihle only managed to overcome his alcohol addiction after 18 years when he started attending church services and learned to use his faith to change his life. He started drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes when he was 16 years old.

"I used my lunch money to buy alcohol and I sometimes stole from my parents. On Saturdays, I would go to taverns with my friends and only went back home late at night. I did not do well at school because I did not do my homework any more. I still made it to matric and passed.  I then enrolled for an 18-month course in business management and found a job after I completed my course. I drank even more because I had money to finance my addiction and went on drinking sprees on pay-days," said Khayelihle.

Concerned about his addiction and the money he spent on it, his live-in girlfriend invited Khayelihle to the Universal Church in 2014.

"I did not think there was anything wrong with my drinking and the money I spent on alcohol, until I heard testimonies from people who were able to progress in their lives after they overcame their addictions," he said.

He attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy and asked God to deliver him from alcohol addiction.

"After two months in the church I stopped smoking because it was something I did occasionally, but I battled to quit alcohol. I made every effort to change. It was after three years in the church that I was able to overcome my alcohol addiction. I was then able to save money because I no longer wasted it on alcohol. I married my girlfriend, Vuyokazi, because I understood it was wrong to cohabitate. Giving my life to God delivered me from an addiction of 18 years and gave me the financial freedom and stability I did not have before," said Khayelihle.

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