07 March 2019

Alcohol replaced my dreams

After completing matric and moving to a big city, Johnson started experimenting with alcohol and then gave up his dreams of following a career.

"I lived with my brother who owned a tavern and made new friends who introduced me to drinking alcohol. I started drinking heavily, leaving the house on Friday and only coming back on Sunday. I forgot that my reason for relocating was to further my studies.

I got more attention from girls because I wore the most expensive clothes and contributed more money than my friends when we bought alcohol. I later found a job, but having my own money made me drink even more. I spent all my salary on alcohol and branded clothes," said Johnson.

In 2006, Johnson was invited to the Universal Church by his girlfriend.

"I attended the services where I was encouraged by the testimonies of people who were able to overcome their alcohol addiction after they attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy. I was motivated and believed that I was also going to be able to overcome my excessive drinking.

I attended services on Fridays for deliverance from alcohol addiction and I stopped after four months. I started using my money wisely and provided for my girlfriend and our child. I later paid ilobolo for my girlfriend. I am growing spiritually because I have seen the goodness of the Lord in my life," he said.   

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