30 July 2019

Alcohol the centre of my life

From the age of 16, Lerato drank alcohol and lived a reckless life that became a hindrance to her studies. She eventually dropped out in grade 10.

"I became an unruly child who went drinking at night with friends. I dated different guys that I met at the taverns where I drank and sometimes slept at their places. I always lied to my parents about my whereabouts. I could not balance my studies and my wild life of alcohol, as a result, I was condoned in grade nine up to the next grade, but that became even more difficult and I eventually dropped out," she said

Tired of her drinking and not coming home until late, Lerato's parents chased her out of their house.

"I was not remorseful about my actions. Instead I saw it as an opportunity to live my life freely without being controlled by my parents. I moved in with one of my boyfriends and I became pregnant six months later. My mother forgave me and allowed me to move back home," she said.

After giving birth Lerato didn't change and continued drinking and going to parties.

"In 2005, my mother invited me to the Universal Church but I wasn't committed and I later had two other children with different men. Only last year I realised I needed to commit my life to God and ask Him to change my character.

I attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy and asked God to help me overcome my addiction. I stopped going out at night and I became a responsible mother to my three children. I was able to stop drinking and dating different men after six months in the church. I set aside time to develop my spiritual life because I do not want to lose my newly found life that is filled with peace and joy," she said.