10 December 2018

Alcohol took over my life

Losing her job after five years and having two children to provide for stressed Goodness so much that she turned to alcohol to forget her financial problems.

"My children were between the ages of seven and 10 when I lost my job. I was stressed and to forget my problems, I started drinking alcohol. I became an irresponsible mother. I spent my children’s support grant on buying alcohol and neglected their needs. At weekends, I left my children with my mother and went to taverns where I drank the whole night. I spent all their money on alcohol while they lacked school stationery and other basic needs. They became angry children who always complained that I did not love them," said Goodness.

In 2015 she accepted an invitation to the Universal Church and attended services on Fridays for her deliverance from addiction to alcohol.

"I asked God to make me a responsible mother because I was tired of that kind of life. Two years later I was able to stop drinking. I understood my role as a mother and I now manage my children’s grant wisely and provide for them. I became involved in their lives and set a good example for them. I now have a job and I am at peace. I no longer depend on alcohol to forget my problems because I trust in God as He is my provider,"  said Goodness.

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