03 July 2019

An unreliable man becomes a faithful husband

Breaking free of his addiction after16 years was the greatest thing ever to happen to Jack who was on the verge of losing his marriage and was battling financially. He started drinking alcohol when he was 20 years old, a habit which continued even after he married and had five children.

"My addiction to alcohol made me do things that I regretted.  I spent my money financing my habit and cheating on my wife. I was paid weekly and I went straight to a tavern where I drank all my money. I sometimes spent two days away from home and that angered my wife. I was always absent from work on Mondays because I had been drinking the previous night," said Jack.

His friend who knew his problem invited him to the Universal Church.

"I accepted the invite because I was tired of the fights I had with my wife. I took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for my deliverance from alcohol. I put the Word of God into practice and I committed my life to God. After five weeks in the church, I was able to stop drinking.

I stopped cheating on my wife because I understood that a man needed to be faithful to one woman. We are now enjoying a peaceful marriage and we do things together. Giving my life to God and living according to His Word has made me a better man who takes care of his family," said Jack.