25 July 2018

Blew away my salary in 3 days

An excessive intake of alcohol delayed Philemon’s progress. He still lived with his brother and borrowed money from people even though he had a well paid job.

"I spent my whole salary on alcohol and it lasted for three days only. I would then borrow money to go to work and buy alcohol from people. I drank every morning before I could start my day. I hardly went to work on Mondays because I was always tired from weekend's drinking sprees. My addiction took a toll on me as I also drank during the week while I was at work. Alcohol became my lunch because I did not take my lunch hour to eat but to drink alcohol," said Phillemon.

His employer complained about Philemon's absenteeism and his drinking problem because it made him underperform at work.

"He later made me sign a warning letter because I continued drinking on my lunch hour and hardly came to work on Mondays. Knowing that I was going to be fired at some point, I decided to resign after working for three years,” he said.

He was unemployed for two years and depended on his brother for financial support. 

"I continued drinking even though I was not working because my friends always bought me alcohol.  I later found a job at a jewellery shop, but my addiction and absenteeism from work on Mondays continued to be a problem," said Philemon.

In 2007 Phillemon resigned from his second job and started his own architecture business where he designs houses for people.

"I made enough profit from my business, but it all went to alcohol. I still could not have my own place to stay or buy a car," said Phillemon.

In 2016 he walked past the Universal Church and heard people praying and went inside.

"I was advised to attend the Addiction Cleansing Therapy on Sundays for my deliverance from my addiction. I was determined to change and it took me less than a month in the church to stop drinking. I committed my life to God and asked Him to guard my steps. I was able to see the profit I made from my business and opened a savings account because I was no longer financing any habit. My business grew so much that I was able to move to my own place. This year I bought myself a car, a Peugeot. I am now matured spiritually and wiser than before. I am grateful to God because I can now see the fruits of my labour," said Phillemon.

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