10 December 2018

Breaking the chains of addiction

Mmagauta was only able to shake off her addiction to snuff, which started as a cure for headaches, when she attended services at the Universal Church.

She started taking snuff when she was in grade 10 to ease headaches, but became addicted to it for five years.

"I had severe headaches and my nose bled three times a week. My nose even bled during my sleep.  When I woke up in the morning, my pillow had blood on it. It was embarrassing because, even when I was with my friends, my nose would bleed. My condition frustrated me so much that I was easily irritated and had outbursts of anger towards other people," she said.

Mmagauta was told that snuff was the only cure for her constant headaches and would improve her health.

"I started sniffing snuff to cure my headaches, but I became addicted to it. I sniffed three containers of snuff a week. I used to sniff snuff in the morning before I started my day and at night before I went to sleep. My mother did not have a problem with this because she knew I did it for my constant headaches," said Mmagauta.

In 2007 she started attending services at the Universal Church and prayed for deliverance from her addiction to snuff.

"I took part in the chain of prayer on Fridays and made sure I did not miss the service because I wanted to see the power of God in my life. I learnt how to use my faith and trust God for my healing. I understood that my body was the temple of the Holy Spirit and I needed to take care of it.

I surrendered my life to God and through Him I was able to quit snuff. The headaches disappeared and the nose bleeds stopped. I started enjoying peaceful nights. I now have a good relationship with God. His presence gave me peace and I am kind to other people," said Mmagauta.

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