12 July 2018

Broken trust

It took Thabo three years to rebuild the trust he lost because of his addiction to alcohol, dagga and cigarettes. He started going to parties and smoking dagga and cigarettes when he was 16 years old.

"I became hooked the month I started.  I stole money at home to feed my addiction. I started small with R10 and R20 and my parents never noticed until I stole large amounts of up to R200 at a time. It was easy for them to know I was the one stealing money because of my addiction. I was not trusted any more, and I would be suspected whenever money went missing," he said.

After he completed matric, Thabo moved to his grandmother's house because he wanted to drink and smoke freely, away from his parents. One day he found himself watching a Universal Church TV programme.

"The testimonies of people who were able to use their faith to overcome their addictions inspired me to give it a try. I started attending the church services and the Addiction Cleansing Therapy last year, because I wanted to change and regain my family's trust. I gave my life to God and sacrificed my own will to please Him. After a month in the church I stopped smoking and drinking.

This year I went back to live with my family and there is peace at home because I no longer steal their money. My parents and my siblings now trust me because they always find their money where they left it. I invest in my spiritual life and spend time reading my Bible and praying. I am not only faithful to my family, but especially to God with my life," said Thabo.

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