30 January 2018

Drinking on duty got me fired from work

Alcohol became a form of entertainment for Nomathemba from the age of 19. She continued drinking even after she found a job.

"I dropped out of school when I was doing grade 10 and later found a job at a warehouse. I continued drinking and sometimes went to work drunk. I became violent and verbally abusive whenever I was drunk. No one wanted to be in my presence because of my behaviour. I didn’t last long at my job because I drank on duty. My employers found me sleeping and fired me," she said.

In another incident, Nomathemba was arrested after she stabbed a woman who was in a relationship with her partner.

"She was taken to hospital while I fled the scene. I was later arrested and stayed in jail for a week before she withdrew the charges," she said.  

In 2016, Nomathemba saw a copy of Universal News at her friend's house.

"After I read the testimonies of the people who had similar life stories to mine, I knew I needed to find the nearest Universal Church. I attended services every Friday to pray for deliverance from my addiction to alcohol. It was sometimes difficult to sleep at night if I didn't take a sip of alcohol. However, as I continued to pray and ask God to strengthen me, I was able to stop drinking six months later.

I learned how to conduct myself as a young woman. I started going out with people who encouraged me spiritually and I spent time praying. I worked on building a strong relationship with God and He granted me the desires of my heart.

To my surprise, my previous employers called me back to work.  That was the confirmation that I was walking in the light of God. I’m happy with the godly woman that I have become. I have inner peace because God guides my ways," she said.

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