17 April 2019

Drunk... Drove into the bridge

Abram's addiction to alcohol put him on the wrong side of the law and almost cost him his life and that of his two friends. He was so addicted to alcohol that he headed straight to the taverns after work every day.

"I drank alcohol every day with my friends. I spent my salary on alcohol and neglected my wife and our three children," said Abram.

He continued drinking even after he started attending the services at the Universal Church in 1998.

"I would head straight to my drinking spots immediately after the services because I was not committed to God. Three years later I was in a car accident and spent a week in hospital. I was driving back home with two of my friends and we were all drunk.

I lost control of the car and it crashed into the bridge. Fortunately, it did not fall over the bridge and no one passed away. I got injuries in my chest and we were all taken to hospital. My car was written off and that made me realise that it was God who saved us in that accident," said Abram.

After the accident, Abram committed his life to God and took part in the Chains of Prayer on Fridays for his deliverance from alcohol.

"After two weeks, I was able to quit alcohol. I became a responsible father and husband at home. I later resigned from work and bought a car with my provident fund. Living according to the Word of God made me a better man who fears God and pleases Him with my life," said Abram.

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