24 June 2019

Enslaved by an addiction for over a decade

Despite being raised by a strict father and going to a good school, Shadrack still fell into the wrong path in life.

He started smoking cigarettes as a coping mechanism when he was in grade eight. Even when he was studying for exams, he took smoking breaks. 

"I could not handle the pressure and anxiety I suffered with my school work load. I feared failing. My father was not going to understand because I was attending a good school. I started smoking and I soon became addicted. I became calmer and was able to cope with my studies after smoking," he said.

Shadrack became short-tempered when he didn't smoke. He bullied his siblings at home and fought with other children at school.

"My addiction worsened after I completed matric and found a job. I bullied my girlfriend, made her feel she wasn't good enough and I always cheated on her," he said.

In 2015, Shadrack was invited to attend a special service at the Universal Church.

"At that service, I realised that I had a smoking addiction problem and I developed a desire to change my life. I started attending the Addiction Cleansing Therapy and I was able to stop smoking after a year in the church.

I also attended Friday services to be delivered from my short-temper and God saw the desire of my heart. I am now at peace with everyone around me and free from addiction. I live my life to please God," he said.