14 March 2019

Exposed to the temptation

Trying to please her friends, Mami smoked cigarettes and dagga from the age of 16 while she continued attending the services at the Universal Church with her grandmother.

"I started with cigarettes and dagga because my friends told me It was going to make me smarter at school. I became addicted to it in just a week of smoking it. I continued attending services with my grandmother, but I did not understand anything about faith and how it works," said Mami.

She was caught smoking dagga on the school premises and was expelled when she was in grade 11.

"My grandmother and other family members were disappointed when they learnt about my bad habits. The disappointment and sadness I saw on my grandmother’s face challenged me to change my bad ways. I attended services on Wednesdays for my spiritual development. On Fridays I prayed for my deliverance from cigarettes and dagga.

I understood that I cannot serve two masters and I committed myself to God. I was able to stop smoking cigarettes and dagga after two months. In 2017 God blessed me with a job. I am now faithful to God with my life and serve Him alone," said Mami.

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