03 July 2019

Free from addiction after 30 years

Addiction to dagga turned Mishack into a heartless person and reckless junkie. He started smoking dagga with his friends when he was 15 years old and soon became addicted to it.

"I became a disrespectful child and stole money that was meant for food to feed my addiction. I also took my siblings' pocket money in order to buy dagga. I did not take care of myself, went for two weeks without taking a bath and wore the same clothes that had a bad smell.

I back chatted my mother when she rebuked me. She sometimes did not give me food for a day or two, thinking that I would be obedient when I was hungry, but I did not change," he said.

Mishack became involved in construction, building and renovating people's houses. He made a profit, but he did not contribute money for food at home. He got married and had children, but his addiction proved to be a problem in his marriage.

"My wife took up all the household’s financial responsibilities because I spent every cent I made on my addiction. I fought with her physically when she complained about how I wasted money on dagga. She became tired and divorced me after four years of marriage. Losing her was what made me realise that I needed help before it was too late," said Mishack.

Only after he attended services at the Universal Church was Mishack able to shake off his addiction of 30 years.

"At Friday services, I prayed for deliverance from my addiction to dagga. I surrendered my life to God and became faithful to Him with my life. After three years in the church, I was delivered from my addiction of 30 years. I took my children to live with me because I wanted to give them the love they deserve.

I was able to provide for them financially, something I did not do before. I now have a good relationship with my parents and my siblings. The love of God taught me to love myself and respect my body as it is the temple of God. I am more mature spiritually," said Mishack.