03 August 2022

Freed from the shackles of addiction

The shackles of addiction bound Phethile’s life for 21 years when she became dependent on dagga and could not carry out her daily duties without first smoking.

“I grew up in a family where both parents were present. My brothers used to smoke and I developed the urge to smoke as well.

At the age of 18, I made friends with the wrong crowd. They smoked and I was influenced to smoke as well. I became addicted to dagga. I smoked every morning and night. I stole money from friends and family to feed my addiction.

My relationship with my family was completely ruined because they did not feel  free around me. I felt rejected and unloved by them. I once stole money from my friend.  When she found out, she was upset with me. Everyone in my neighbourhood found out and gossiped about me.

I wanted to commit suicide because I felt ashamed of myself. It was humiliating to face people. I mixed two packets of rat poison with alcohol and I drank it, but I did not die. I also drank 35 tablets and still did not die.

My neighbour invited me to attend services in the Universal Church. I attended the chain of prayer on Fridays for my deliverance. After two months, I was completely free from my dagga addiction.

People started seeing the changes in me and they were shocked. I am no longer suicidal. I have a good relationship with my family.  I live a peaceful and prosperous life. My life now serves as a testimony to other people that, with God, nothing is impossible,” said Phethile.