16 April 2019

Grief and rejection lead to addiction

Unable to deal with the pain of losing his mother and being rejected by his father, Josiah looked for comfort in alcohol and then robbed people to get extra cash. His mother passed away when he was 16 years old.

"Life became difficult without my mother because my father neglected me and stopped providing for me after he got married to another woman. My grandmother, who was a domestic worker, struggled to provide for me. I became angry and bitter towards my father who decided to forget I existed," said Josiah.

"I got involved in the bad company of friends and did everything they did. I went to parties, drank alcohol, smoked dagga and went home late at night. To get extra cash, I robbed people of money and cell phones on the streets," said Josiah.

That same year Josiah was arrested for robbery.

"Police found us robbing a man, but my friend managed to escape and I was arrested. I spent one week in prison," said Josiah.

His concerned grandmother, a member of the Universal Church, invited him to the church in 2014. He took part in the Chains of Prayer on Fridays for his deliverance.

"I asked God to change my life. That same month I stopped drinking, smoking and robbing people. I made peace with my father and I started building my relationship with him. I now have a healthy father-son relationship with him.  In God I found the comfort I needed and I am growing spiritually," said Josiah.



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