24 June 2019

Healing the inner person

Breaking up with the father of her son who had promised to marry her left Lima with painful memories and scars that took more than 15 years to heal. She dated him when she was in her 20s and they had a child after five years.

"I lived with him and his mother after our son was born. That was when he started abusing me emotionally, accused me of cheating on him and involved his mother in all our minor arguments. I became tired of the abuse and I went back home when our son was 20 months old," said Lima.

The father of her son stopped communicating with Lima and providing for their son.

"That was the end of our relationship and it left me heartbroken because I still loved him. In order to numb the pain of breaking up with the father of my child, I drank alcohol, smoked dagga and dated many men. I did not love them, but I used them to distract myself from my failed relationship," she said.

Lima started attending services at the Universal Church in 1999.

"I understood that it was impossible to serve two masters at once and I took a decision to serve God and leave my sinful life behind. I stopped drinking alcohol, smoking dagga and dating many men because it was not good for my spiritual life. I sought for God's presence and He gave me the strength to forgive the father of my son. Forgiving him brought me inner healing and peace of mind. I am now faithful to God with my life and His presence gave me the assurance of my salvation," said Lima.