14 March 2019

Hopeless and dismayed

Nokuthokoza became discouraged and lost hope of following her career when she battled to secure a job after she graduated with a degree in social work.

"I was used to receiving an allowance from the bursary that paid for my university fees and I never lacked basic things such as cosmetics. I then moved to Johannesburg where I lived with my brother who provided for me. My situation robbed me of inner peace, made me easily irritated and I lashed out at people for no reason. Sometimes I took the money my brother gave me to keep afloat and drank alcohol," she said.

In 2016, Nokuthokoza was invited to the Universal Church by her sister, who was already a member.

"I didn’t understand how attending a church service was going to take me out of my misery. However, one Wednesday afternoon, a pastor talked about the importance of receiving salvation and I decided to commit my life to God.

I stopped drinking alcohol and engaged in the chain of prayers on Wednesdays to change my life. As time went on, I realised that I was calmer and no longer in a hurry to get a job because I understood the importance of waiting on God's good timing. I may not be working in the field I studied for, however I’m able to provide for myself because God is taking care of me. I have inner peace -- something I did not have for many years. My covenant with God feeds and grows me spiritually every day," she said.

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