12 July 2018

I hit rock-bottom

After Given came to the Universal Church in 2018, he was able to recover all he had lost because of his addiction to alcohol. Drinking alcohol was a normal thing in his family. As a result, Given started drinking at the age of ten.

"Everyone in my family drank. My aunt owned a tavern and I would help out in the tavern on weekends. I enjoying helping out because it gave me access to free alcohol," said Given.

In his early 20’s Given found his first job and the only thing he did with his salary was to buy alcohol.

"I went on a drinking spree with my friends when I got my first salary. I later started smoking dagga and using drugs because I could afford it. I stayed in the tavern until the next morning, and only went back home to prepare myself for work. I sometimes went to work drunk and tired because I had not slept," said Given.

His addiction cost him his job after three years.

“One day, my employer found me sleeping because I was too tired to work. He was angry and fired me,” he said.

In 2010, Given inherited money and a house from his father who passed away, but his addiction devoured everything he had.

"I bought expensive furniture for the house, built a supermarket and opened a hair salon that I rented out while I ran my own tavern. I offered my friends free alcohol each time they came to my tavern. My business did not make a profit and I had to close it down a year later.

To feed my addiction, I demanded money for rent from my tenants earlier than was agreed. They eventually left because I inconvenienced them financially. People broke into my house and stole furniture. I lost my entire inheritance in four short years," said Given.

His sister invited Given to the Universal Church.

"I attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy on Sundays and asked God to deliver me from alcohol, dagga and drug addiction. I surrendered my life to God. After two weeks, I was able to stop drinking, smoking and using drugs. To my surprise, my tenant came back to rent the supermarket and hair salon again. I was able to generate an income and I treat my tenants with respect. I now know how to manage my finances responsibly and am even able to save some money. I always put God first and heed his guidance," said Given.

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