19 February 2018

I spent R100 a day on my addiction

After completing matric, Costa thought he was old enough to live life the way he wanted. He then joined his friends who smoked cigarettes and dagga.

"I sold beer and cool drinks in order to buy cigarettes and dagga. I found a job at a retail store and my smoking worsened because I was able to pay for my habits. I needed to have R100 a day in order to buy dagga and cigarettes. I smoked before I started with my duties, then at lunch time and when I knocked off. I could not go for a day without smoking, because my whole-body shock until I got a fix. I felt good and relaxed after smoking. I felt like I was in my own world and saw things that other people did not see. I saw people moving in slow motion. I became easily irritated and avoided being around anyone when I was sober," he said.

For over nine years Costa was addicted to cigarettes and dagga. He sometimes stole money from his mother's purse in order to feed his addiction.

"I became tired of my addiction because I spent a lot of money on it. I wanted to stop smoking, but I didn't know how. One afternoon, in 2017, I was invited to the Universal Church by someone who lived in the same building as me. She told me about the spiritual treatment in the church and I was curious to find out how the church could help me quit dagga and cigarettes," said Costa.

He continued attending the services and treatment faithfully because he wanted to be free of his addictions.

"I also understood the importance of having a relationship with God and I then started avoiding going to places where people smoked. Within six weeks I was able to stop smoking dagga and cigarettes. I no longer steal my mother's money. I now enjoy to be with people without being irritated over nothing. The presence of God gives me the fulfilment I need," he said.

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