22 November 2018

I surrender to God

Finding his first job and making new friends who drank alcohol, was what drove Ernest to a life he later regretted.

"I drank and went to parties with my new friends. We went on a drinking spree on pay days. I did not send money to my family because I had nothing left. My addiction worsened when I found another job as a barman at a nightclub a year later. I drank every day and during working hours as well. As a result, I could not perform my duties because I was always drunk," said Ernest.

In 2016, Ernest was invited to the Universal Church and he attended the Addiction Cleansing Therapy seeking deliverance from alcohol.

"I attended the services, but it took me a year to be delivered from my addiction because I was not committed to God. In January this year, I decided to surrender my life to God and obey His Word and that was when my life changed. I stopped drinking and going to parties. I decided to   resign from my job as a barman because I did not want to expose myself to this environment where alcohol was always available. I started getting jobs that enabled me to provide for myself. I am a changed man who is faithful to God," said Ernest.

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