01 March 2018

I was a party animal

Jim became a party animal after he left his parents' house to study nursing in another province in 2015.

He went to parties, drank alcohol every weekend and sometimes slept on the streets because he was too drunk to walk.

"My parents sent me money to pay my school fees and rent every month. I only paid rent and used the rest of the money on alcohol with my friends. I also smoked cigarettes and dagga. My school fees were in arrears. I sometimes lied to my parents about educational trips in order to get money to feed my addiction," he said.

He only realised that he needed to change after his friend was killed at a tavern.

"I left my friend at a tavern during the early hours of the morning and I was later told that he had been stabbed and died shortly after I left. The news shocked me because I had been with him and I could have died. I knew that I needed to change before it was too late," he said.

Jim decided to accept his landlord’s invitation to the Universal Church because he wanted to give up his wild life. He took part in the chains of prayer on Fridays for his deliverance from alcohol, cigarettes and dagga addiction.

"I gave my life to God because I understood that only He was able to change my life. I put the word of God into practice and my life started to change," he said.

It took Jim only one month in the church to stop drinking and smoking because he was determined to change.

"I became faithful to God and to my parents. I completed my course and I now work as a part-time nurse in a private hospital. The presence of God gave me a meaningful life. I also joined the youth group of the church and spend my time with like-minded young people who lead honest and responsible lives that please God," he said.

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