01 March 2018

I was knocked over by a car when i was drunk

Patricia battled with alcohol addiction from the age of 15. Her mother had to step in and manage her money because she squandered every cent.

"My drinking problem worsened after I started working. I was the only one working in the family, but I could not support my family financially because I used my salary to feed my addiction. This continued until my mother decided to take my whole salary and use it wisely for the benefit of the family. I hated what my mother did because I ended up having no money to buy alcohol and had to depend on my friends to drink," said Patricia.

Patricia avoided going home early. Instead, she went straight from work to a tavern where she drank until late.

"My friends always bought me alcohol. I slept at my boyfriend's place when I was too drunk to get home," she said.

She recalled the time she was drunk and was knocked over by a car while walking alone at night.

"I spent three months in hospital and couldn't walk or talk. That was when I realised that life was too precious to be wasted on alcohol. Three months later, I could take baby steps and talk. Although I didn't go to any church, I knew it was God who had saved me from something worse that could have happened during that accident," said Patricia.

After she was discharged from hospital, Patricia attended services with her sister at the Universal Church.

"I attended the services with her but still found it difficult to stop drinking. I would stop drinking for two weeks and relapse. I went back to work and my mother continued managing my salary because I still drank. My life did not change because I wasn't committed. It was after eight years in the church that I understood the importance of building a relationship with God. I asked God to help me stop drinking, and I attended the spiritual treatment. I attended services on Wednesdays for my spiritual growth. A year later I completely stopped drinking. My mother saw that I was no longer drinking alcohol and knew she could trust me to manage my salary well," she said.

That same year Patricia met Maynard and they got married a year later.

"I'm now a dignified woman of God who's no longer controlled by alcohol. I depend on God's counsel for everything I do. God gave me the wisdom to handle my finances. Leaving the pleasures of the world and allowing God into my life gave me a new character that attracted good things," she said.

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