01 February 2019

Indecent and incompetent

Despite being raised by strict parents, Nomahlubi still managed to drink heavily, go to parties and date many men.

"My drinking escalated after I secured my first job. I spent my weekends away and only came back home on Monday mornings to prepare for work. I would spend more than a R1,000 on alcohol each night I went out. My alcohol addiction affected my performance at work. As a result, I worked for 12 years without receiving a salary raise or promotion," she said.

In 2000, Nomahlubi became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, but the father of her son refused to take financial responsibility. Having a child, did not stop Nomahlubi from leading a wild life.

"I continued going to parties and I took my son with me since he was two months old.  Strangers I drank with looked after my son and some even breastfed him when I was drunk. In 2012, Nomahlubi was invited to the Universal Church and attended the services because she wanted to stop drinking alcohol.

"My son was seven years old and he always complained about my drinking. I attended the services on Fridays and asked God to deliver me from my addiction. It took me a year to quit alcohol. I stopped going to parties and dating many men.

I attended services on Wednesdays to develop my spiritual life. Applying the Word of God restored my dignity as a woman and a mother," said Nomahlubi.

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